Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoes are $ 32 (Save: $ 38)



Adidas Cloudfoam Pure running sneakers are only $ 32 on Amazon, which is the best deal we’ve seen so far. This Amazon deal saves you $ 38 off the typical $ 70 price tag, and it’s cheaper than what you would pay elsewhere.

I’m a huge Adidas fan who’s worn a lot of the brand’s shoes, but the Cloudfoam Pure running shoes are by far the most comfortable pair I’ve ever worn. Because I walk almost everywhere, there are a few essential characteristics that every pair of running shoes should have: cushioned insoles, breathable fabric, and flexibility. These sneakers have all three.

When it rains and these shoes get wet, I have noticed that they dry out within a few hours. In summer, these shoes let air pass through them, so you won’t have to worry about sweaty feet. In winter, with a nice pair of socks, they keep warm. And when you bend over, these sneakers will bend with you.

Even with all of these benefits, the cushioned insoles are amazing. Because I have minor hip issues, my feet tend to put pressure on particular areas of my shoes when I walk, and I pay for it later. But I had no trouble walking in it because the cushion absorbed the pressure. And these shoes are at an incredible price, so they will protect both your wallet and your feet.

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