Ammunition shortage threatens gun season


A nationwide ammunition shortage is approaching its one year anniversary and anxious hunters are worried about the season ahead. Jason Chaudier, director of Woodland Firearms and Supply in Baraga, says it has been difficult since the 2020 election. He believes it may have started because of political and security concerns, and combined with a decrease in production. thanks to COVID, it turned into a perfect storm.

Chaudier says the problems are prevalent in all sports products.

When you want cleaning supplies you can’t get them, archery supplies you can’t get, fishing supplies… that’s it.

Chaudier says he has been able to keep Woodland mostly in stock, but describes the buying process as “difficult”.

Suppliers say the components are locked in cargo ships anchored at sea, awaiting their turn to unload at congested US ports. Southeast Asian countries largely missed the first wave of the pandemic, but Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia and hubs like Singapore have made up for lost time in recent months. Governments responded by shutting down factories loaded with products like tennis shoes, clothing, toys and raw materials. Chaudier says it’s a red flag to be responsible when it comes to deciding how much production should be outsourced internationally. He cautions that prices can be much higher than what customers are used to when they can find products.

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