Bronny James must give up his shoes after losing free throw competition to TikToker

Bronny James, the son of Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, may be a high school basketball freak, but he’s certainly not perfect.

After losing a free throw competition, he had to give up the shoes he was wearing to his competitor.

Young James plays for Sierra Canyon School, a private institution in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. He is currently in his junior season and looking to improve his recruiting profile so that he can end up playing college ball in a powerful program.

Recently, he showed some of his athleticism by throwing his first dunk of the season, electrifying the crowd.

Elder James, 36, has said he would love to play alongside his son in the NBA.

The NBA season has been tough for the quadruple MVP. He missed much of the Lakers’ games, first with an ankle injury and then with illness.

He came back on Friday and played pretty well, but his team was knocked down by the Boston Celtics, 130-108.

LA is now 8-9 on the season and is running out of time to turn things around. Still, elder James said “there is no level of panic” and his team need “a certain sense of urgency” to harness their enormous potential.

The Lakers face the Detroit Pistons on Sunday, then head to Madison Square Garden to face the New York Knicks.

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