Levi’s eco-conscious Torsten boot is lined with merino wool


Levi’s is turning to a new category: sustainable footwear.

The denim giant has teamed up with The Woolmark Company to launch, among other things, an eco-responsible boot, the Torsten Quilted.

In keeping with Woolmark’s expertise, the boot lining adjacent to Timberland is made from merino wool, a fabric that is biodegradable and recyclable, if not sustainable.

Merino also wicks away moisture and is naturally odor resistant (a great addition when it comes to rubbing against your feet all day).

In addition to its wool lining, the Torsten Quilted also features a midsole made from 20% recycled materials and a leather upper from “factories certified by the Leather Working Group”.

Levi’s is already interested in footwear, mostly ultra-casual sneakers and sandals, neither of which you would call “avant-garde.” The Torsten Quilted looks like a push in that direction.

Levi’s has already taken steps to reduce the environmental impact of its denim, so it seems appropriate that its shoes are following suit.

The brand offers a repair service that can repair worn jeans or recycle them into something entirely new, reducing the need to buy new products.

Levi’s SecondHand, a program launched in 2020, buys and sells vintage and used denim.

Additionally, Levi’s plans to convert its owned and operated facilities to run entirely on renewable energy by 2025.

Levi’s decision to throw a boot – an offer outside his wheelhouse – is unexpected.

As many have pointed out before, refraining from buying new products is always more sustainable than consuming new products. But if you are looking for a durable winter boot, perhaps consider an eco-friendly and seemingly ethical boot.

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