The 30 laureates under 30 in music

Why Jack Harlow is no longer a “child of the industry”. Plus, the 29 other young executives, artists and founders of music.

ohn October 27, 2017 aspiring rapper Jack harlow finished his job buttering buns at Chick-Fil-A on the Georgia State Campus and sat in a movie seat for a date. The Louisville native couldn’t focus on the film, however. Her phone continually vibrated with people chatting on the internet about her “Dark Knight” music video. Collecting millions of views on his YouTube of his Mortality and Ambition rap, DJ Drama, manager of the Atlanta label, signed Harlow to his label.

“I networked with anyone who would like to shake my hand,” says Harlow, recalling his days working in the fast food restaurant and his nights in open mics. “I’m afraid of not reaching my potential. It motivates me all the time.

While he jokes about his Grammy-nominated collaboration with Lil Nas X, “Industry Baby,” Jack Harlow hasn’t peaked in high school. He’s on the rise and will only reach new heights, making him a winner on Forbes‘2022 30 List of music under 30 years old.

The list includes 30 of the best young artists, executives, producers and entrepreneurs in the music industry, nominated by the public and selected by a panel of expert judges: pop icon Miley Cyrus, Creative Artists Agency agent Phil Quist, The Darkroom founder Justin Lubliner and genre cross-hitmaker Tayla Parx. To be eligible, applicants must be under the age of 30 as of December 31, 2021, not have been on a previous under 30 list, and demonstrate their ability to accelerate the future of the music industry.

“I networked with anyone who would like to shake my hand. I am afraid of not reaching my potential. It motivates me all the time.

Jack harlow

Harlow says he had a hunch his ambition would translate into commercial success, but the Louisville rapper wasn’t prepared for so many, so soon: Poppin “and $ 765 million for” Industry Baby. “

He notes that he has been approached by many brands for sponsorships and turned them down because they feel inauthentic. Rather, he’s partnered with New Balance (his favorite shoes), Tommy Hilfiger (a former neighbor of his grandfather), and pushed his own product to reverent fans who often wave bras, panties, and homemade signs declaring undying love at its crowded concerts.

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Although Harlow’s primary focus on creating music and is in the process of recording his second studio album, he is also donating it to Louisville, announcing that he will donate to five charities in his hometown and make the cover of five. Louisville locations in 2021. “I can do a million hit songs, but I don’t think that compares to coming home and saying, ‘I wanna raise you with me.’

Community engagement is something that Forbes 2022 Music lists under 30 have in common. Co-founder of Fanmade Jaime Bilotti enlisted a “virtual street team” of Over 750 members in 27 countries to bring music superfans together and create activations for their favorite artists during the pandemic. In October, Fletcher reinvented Katy Perry’s pop classic “I Kissed A Girl” to release “girls girls girls”, a version better suited to self-identified LGBTQ + listeners.

Members of the Music Class of 2022 were also responsible for some of the biggest songs of the year. TikTok users “got a vibe” with former child star turned alternative rock musician Willow smith‘s “Meet Me At Our Spot” and, of course, sang with all their hearts to Olivia rodrigoThe mind-blowing “driver’s license” break-up ballad that quickly propelled her to the rank of music star.

Behind the scenes, innovators like Crush Music’s head of streaming strategy and promotion William tenney and Capitol Records Director of Global Research and Information Klaudia Zadlo use the data to rethink campaigns, strategies, and music performance projections on streaming services.

This year’s list was edited by Abigail Freeman and Alexandra Sternlicht.

For a link to our full list of music, Click here, and for full coverage for those under 30, Click here.


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