The Day – Dr. I promises to always bring you the raw facts

Idle Thoughts, waiting for Daniel Jones to win the NFL MVP title and the masses to afford groceries and gas again:

Dr Idle, Dr I to his close friends, received a disturbing text the other day from Shannon Brenek, a member of Idle Thoughts practice in New London.

She sent in a story about the growing popularity of naked pickleball.

(Not really.)

Before Dr I offers the bare facts here (couldn’t resist) he should tell you that pickleball is a fast growing racket/paddle sport that uses aspects of badminton, tennis and ping -pong. It is popular among older people.

It appears that 172 members of the Cypress Cove Nudist Resort in Kissimmee, Florida, have taken to playing in the raw, according to, a sports blog.

“We tell people, just bring your tennis shoes. We provide the paddles and the balls,” member Mike Sullivan said, presumably with a straight face.

(At this point, Dr. I thinks it is in his best interest to move on to another topic.)

• Congratulations to New London lawyer extraordinaire, Tony Basilica, who was recently honored by his alma mater, Wesleyan University.

Big Tone was named to the Wesleyan All-Decade Football team in the 1970s. He was a starting defensive lineman.

• Just a reminder: Under current CIAC rules, it is illegal for a coach to instruct their players during the offseason for the purpose of improving skill development.

The same coach can, however, arrange for his players to be paid.

• Watching games at the Fenway is more enjoyable when the words “New York” are at the top of the American League East standings on the Green Monster.

• Can we get the State Softball Finals out of mosquito-infested DeLuca Field in Stratford?

West Haven, UConn, Central Connecticut are all better options.

But so is Dr. I’s basement.

• The CIAC football divisions are absent for next season.

Four tech school co-ops and two other tech school programs are in the MM class, the third-largest division in the state, proving CIAC doesn’t care about competitive balance.

In the first round of the Class L playoffs last year, Windsor only beat Cheney Tech 62-0.

Six of the 23 programs in the MM class will have technical school tentacles in 2022, leaving Fitch, Masuk, Hillhouse, Bunnell and Killingly (among others) to dine them in the playoffs.

• Local Notre Dame grad Jay Berryman, a lawyer for Suisman Shapiro, was annoyed by Dr. I’s recent reference to losing his alma mater to baseball’s brave and brave BC Eagles.

Berryman asked Dr. I to recognize ND’s place in the College World Series.

Never let it be said that Dr. I is not a people’s columnist.

• Recent social media post: “Besides Jerry Rice, Eli Apple and Darryl Strawberry, who is another athlete in sports history whose last name is food?”

Dr. I came with Chet Lemon, Tim Salmon and Jeremy Lamb. Leave your answers in the HCS (Human Comments Section). Or not.

• Why can’t any of these golf defectors just admit they went for the money?

• If soap opera actress Maura West married UC Davis men’s basketball coach Jim Les, that would more or less make her Maura Les.

• Can someone from MLB explain how this “Ohtani rule” doesn’t give the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim a competitive advantage?

If Ohtani is taken out of play as a pitcher, he can stay in the game as a designated hitter.

Sorry. They have to fix this one.

• And while we’re at it: “Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim” belongs to the department of the redundancy department.

Or how long before you start calling them the Toronto Blue Jays from Ontario?

That’s the opinion of Day sports columnist Mike DiMauro

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