A 38-year-old Warren woman is charged with two counts of child endangerment after her children told police she kicked them out of their home during the snowstorm in Monday.

Police say they were called to investigate a disturbance at Eva Harris’ Summit Street NW home around 8am.

Officers said they heard people arguing inside the house.

When Harris answered the door, she told police her 17-year-old daughter threw a drink at her, was disrespecting her, and had to leave.

According to the police report, officers say the girl left the house wearing a thin jacket, slacks and tennis shoes, carrying a trash bag containing her belongings.

Officers say there was 18 inches of snow on the ground, temperatures were in the 20s and winds were blowing up to 30 miles per hour.

The teenager cried as she trudged through the snow, saying she had nowhere to go.

An officer took the girl in his patrol car and drove her to the police station.

Upon arrival, the officer learned that the girl’s sixteen-year-old brother had also been kicked out of the house.

Officers found the boy locked outside the house, dressed in a jacket, sweatshirt, jeans and tennis shoes, also carrying a trash bag with his belongings.

The teenager told officers his mother was upset that her sister brought her boyfriend home and that he tried to end an argument between the two.

The children were handed over to children’s services, which were looking for relatives likely to take in the teenagers.

The mother was jailed and pleaded not guilty to child endangerment charges.